After a protracted communications outage, a helicopter on Mars phones home – Spaceflight Now

a helicopter on Mars phones home

A helicopter on Mars phones home After reestablishing contact after a two-month radio blackout, NASA engineers are prepping the tiny Mars chopper Ingenuity for its 53rd mission to the surface of the Red Planet. An obstruction in line-of-sight communications between the Perseverance rover, which acts as a conduit between the chopper and ground controllers at … Read more

Sharp animation of the SpaceX starship’s burn during flight test 2

SpaceX starship's burn during flight test

SpaceX starship’s burn during flight test This is not financial guidance. The stated titles are not affiliated with the author in any way. There is a transparency and ethics policy for In April, SpaceX launched the Starship for the first time in test mode. Since then, the rocket will undergo a number of changes. … Read more

Collaboration is essential for the growth of low-cost high-speed Internet.

growth of low-cost high-speed Internet.

Growth of low-cost high-speed Internet. In order to reduce the digital divide in the Sunshine State, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration announced last month that Florida would receive more than $1.1 billion. The investment, which offers $42.5 billion to increase high-speed Internet access in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, is made … Read more

Calling for Antitrust Reform

Antitrust Reform

 Antitrust Reform, the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (AICOA). The time for change is now. It’s the ideal opportunity for states to address the truth that five tech organizations — not regular shoppers — control our web-based encounters today. Refreshed rivalry regulations are fundamental for the web to be private, secure, interoperable, open, open, … Read more

Did ChatGPT write this? Here’s how to know.

Did ChatGPT write this?

Did ChatGPT write this? The AI conflict is becoming hotter. OpenAI’s ChatGPT made news in late 2022 for demonstrating how a potential new search engine would appear. ChatGPT (which stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer”) is a chatbot that can process requests and spit forth pertinent information to answer inquiries about historical details, recipes, automotive specifications, … Read more

Messaging Layer Security is now an internet standard

Messaging Layer Security

Messaging Layer Security The Messaging Layer Security (MLS) protocol, a brand-new standard for group messaging, is being made public by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) today. Why so many acronyms? don’t use acronyms in speech? We’ve got you! In order to improve how the internet functions, a group of volunteers known as the Internet … Read more

China increase development of internet of automobile – Islamabad Post

China increase development of internet

China increase development of internet. Because of the quick advancement of the new age of data innovation, vehicles are turning out to be increasingly cannier in China. The nation is seeing the blooming of savvy associated vehicles and the web of the vehicle business. Metropolitan traffic the executives has been improved, which gives better travel encounters … Read more

Good vibes: How Spartan physicists are working to underpin quantum computing

physicists are working to underpin quantum

physicists are working to underpin quantum computing For physicists, nothing exists in a vacuum, which is not ideal. It would be considerably easier if scientists could entirely separate the systems they are studying from the outside world. Consider the quantum computer. It’s a field that has already attracted billions of dollars in investment from high-profile … Read more

State funds UW Computing School to boost economy

Computing School to boost economy.

Computing School to boost economy. The state known for its coal and cows’ customs will sustain another innovation area this fall registering. The College of Wyoming’s School of Figuring will open as the center of the Wyoming Advancement Organization, a drive intended to construct labor force flexibility and lift the state’s economy. The drive isn’t … Read more

Why some celebrities are embracing AI deepfakes – BBC News

celebrities are embracing AI

celebrities are embracing AI By Nick Marsh Asia-based business reporter July 19, 2023 Updated July 19, 2023 Singaporean actress, model and former radio DJ Jamie Yeo has no problem being deep faked. In fact, she signed up. “It’s similar to that episode of Dark Mirror with Salma Hayek,” Ms. Yeo jokes. He was addressing the … Read more